23 December 2011


the nursery is ready! invisible zippers have been conquered. butterflies have been painted. mary blair illustrations have been hung. cushions covered. and a musical pink puppy has played lullabies while the night light glowed—just for practice. now for our little one to arrive!
crib skirt and sheet sewn by my mom!

rocking chair i covered with leftover crib skirt fabric.

pages from ruth krauss' i can fly, illustrated by mary blair.

boppy pillow cover, my first time sewing with amy butler fabric! and doing an invisible zipper on my own.

nursing cover, fabric also amy butler.

and new pillows for our living room couch! also with invisible zippers, woohoo. dobe decided the brown ruffled ones i made last year were too tasty.

10 September 2011


courtesy of Steven R. Shook Collection

southwest summer
came and went
as i sold
or tried to sell
lying art
to oil rich texans
who only came to look

17 April 2011

the hanging of the palms.

last year, i saved the fronds from palm sunday. hung them in our crucifix in our old home. which you can see here. it was sort of a continuation of a tradition i remember my parents doing. except theirs was a frond woven into a cross. and my mom or my dad tucked it behind the crucifix leading into our home. and there it hung. and dried. for as long as i can remember.

last year we were still living in iowa. but last palm sunday we happened to be visiting here. new mexico. and after the service, we were handed fronds. i tucked them carefully into our suitcase. saving them. we didn't know if we would move. but i knew i wanted fronds. neither of our churches in iowa handed them out. and i think it's a lovely image. helps you to remember.

so this sunday, here we are. in new mexico. at that same church. who knew. once again, we were handed fronds. once again, i carefully saved them. once again, i tucked them into our crucifix. i took down the old, and hung the new. to remind me of he who is making all things new.

hosanna. 'save now.'