12 February 2010

and then i found these.

mike stimpson, can i shake your hand? stimpson (aka balakov, also here and here) crafts crazy, macro shots of lego people with humor and an amazing eye for detail. and composition. not to mention lighting. and humor. and his titles. did you read his titles. love love love! there's something about using ordinary found objects (toys!) to tell a story that really, really jives with me. when i first saw 'reconciliation' (left, green) via dbsw i laughed. loudly. and, not only does stimpson use the cast of all six 'star wars' in lego-form, he also references famous photographs and artworks using the tiny plastic figures. how many can you guess? no peeking.
you can also see how he sets up shots here.
so many. so good. i could post them all. but i'll leave you with a few for the season. patrol that snow! (snow patrol?) yah, and give a heart!


Elder Family said...

I will have to tell David he would love them! (i think they are funny too.)

Larissa said...

These pictures are amazing!! I love this lego valentine ;) So cool!

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