26 February 2010

color inspo.

meals, food prep and sewing supplies have been providing much inspiration lately.
(above) perhaps for a home? perhaps for walls?
i usually don't go for primaries, but green onions, toms, an everyday food spread and rubberbands from the onions is a calming combination. and i'm a sucker for things in groups of two—they remind me of ben and me :).
these colors remind me of mastermind, a game i used to play in open door—the accelerated class for gifted students (bah-ha-ha! OK, stop laughing.). not sure yet what i'll use this palette for. but i will.


Elder Family said...

I love all the colors, more signs of spring! Just so you know you can't move until you help me pick paint for the walls of our 'new house'.

this is very important said...

bekah that sounds like fun! i am totally up for that!

yes, it was more signs of spring for me :D. exactly.

erin said...

lovely, lovely shots. (p.s. the notebooks are moleskins--purchased at my local art supply store)!

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