24 February 2010

happy birthday, lilly.

it's birthing season, methinks.

so many of our friends' kids have been celebrating milestones lately.

first birthdays

zero birthdays*

zero birthdays soon-to-come**

and fourth birthdays.

like lilly.
lilly is a gal whose curls look precious with a flower clip. her mom, my friend, kim, always seems to find the cutest bows and flowers for lilly's hair. so when we got her birthday invitation, i knew just what she—and her mom!—would like. i got a great tutorial from anniescupboard for a fabric flower clip. it's super easy to follow.
'course my growing pile of scrap fabric didn't hurt anything, either.
*zero birthday = the day a baby is born. yes. just like your nerdy math book used to start at chapter zero, so do our lives.
**zero birthday soon-to-come = if a zero birthday is the day a baby is born, then a zero birthday soon-to-come is . . . yup.

for shots of the process, anniecupboards documents it well. i used a standard-sized coffee cup for my circle pattern.
i'll leave you with the end result. which, suffice to say, i was very, very tempted to keep. i forsee my own flower clips. perhaps created with a larger cup pattern. or i'll bust out the compass. yes. i do still have it from freshman high school geometry.
and my TI-89 calculator, if you're interested.
and here's the birthday girl.


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This is so cute!

liza said...

She looks SO happy with the sweet flower you made for her! Lucky girl to have a friend like you.

Elder Family said...

Have you seen the zipper headbands and flowers on this blog? http://diaryofacraftaholic.blogspot.com/ If the link doesn't work you can link through my Sweet Elder blog http://sweetelder.blogspot.com By the way super cute bow!

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