23 February 2010

midweek party in your mouth.

oh, i just came from a rejuvenating night. i've had a hard week. stress and things can add up, can't they? my good friend mary called me today at work and offered to bring fellowship and food for dinner. how could i turn her down? 'specially when its *her* food and *eric's* espresso and *their* conversation and *charming* kids. (don't read sarcasm, ya punk. that's full-blown authenticity, right there.) mmm. mary brought a spaghetti casserole, breadsticks, fresh oranges, apples and i whipped out waffle-cut carrots from a bag and chocolate cake from a box. but this was a chocolate cake creation. visions of betty crocker microwave lava cake twinkled in my eye. so i tried something new.
all that's needed to produce this glory for friends and family is a trans-fatty boxed cake mix a la pillsbury and a jar of lactose-intolerant hot fudge topping a la hershey. in-depth and highly-detailed instructions follow:
*midweek party in your mouth*
step no. one - make cake mix according to box.
step no. two - before you put cake in oven, dot copious amounts of fudge onto batter.
step no. three - cook for however long the box says. yes, it will speak to you.
after careful consultation with learn-ed culinary friends (i.e. the mary and the eric) we determined the mid-bake placing of fudge would produce a hot fudge ribbon of the betty crocker microwave persuasion. so, halfway through bake time, plop the fudge, yah?
sans mid-bake-fudge-plopping, it still was good. we ate two-thirds. there were only four pretend grown-ups and two kids. mmm. did i mention my night was rejuvenating? it was just what i needed. now i feel i can conquer the world. and complete a painting.
and no. it wasn't the caffeine. 
s/he who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.

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The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Can I say how much I love you? I do.

It was good cake, yo!

And the night was lovely, just what I needed too.

Love.Love.Love. (sing it beatles style in your head)

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