14 February 2010

mmm . . . love.

in honor of valentine's day, i thought i'd pay tribute to my best friend. my husband. in one of the best ways i know how. photography.
we did a photo shoot in december. back when it was *barely* warm enough to be outside without a coat. yes, this is iowa for us. snow can be on the ground, yet it can still feel warm. if the winds-cold-enough-to-chill haven't started blowing. like they are today. ah, a blast from summer, right? these photos? mmm. love.


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Emily so wonderful... Happy Valentines day. Do you miss his hair?

this is very important said...

happy valentines day to you!! and yes. i do. but he's still just as wonderful. (oh! the honey-sweetness of it all!)

Elder Family said...

love the pics, emily we will have to somehow have enough time for you to take pics of noah! I love your perspective, you seem to catch the perfect shot. happy v day to you and your man!

this is very important said...

thanks, bekah! i'd love to. happy hearts day to you two (and noah makes three!) lovebirds as well.

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