06 June 2010

girl meets helvetica.

graphic designers across the globe will clutch their hearts in agony, but here is a hard truth:

i have never used helvetica.


even though it is everywhere, i never really knew about the pretty sans-serif (which was developed in 1957 by swiss typeface designer max miedinger with eduard hoffmann) until this year, when my good friend, mary, mentioned a friend from work had lent her a helvetica movie. the helvetica movie.

i never watched it. i think she did. she's a dork. i am, too.

i always knew the swiss were cool. like when b and i visited switzerland. and everything was fall-over awesome. like their trails (free!) through the mountains, which trumped nearly every national park i've ever been in. (teddy roosevelt and my state park museum curator sister, christy, whom you can also see on this blog and on OPB, i still love you.)

or when the nun who ran our immaculate and ikea-inspired catholic hotel (boarding house?) communicated to us via impromptu sign language. (we don't know german, either. sigh. but we did know what time bfast was at.)

and this is the best one: when we got a 100 swiss franc from the bank (roughly 86$ usd) and alberto giacometti's face was on it. see front and back.


yah, because in the US we *always* feature a artist on *our* 100 bank notes.


so when i redesigned my blog, i ditched my arial header for, say it with me, 'HEL-VET-ICA.'

my first foray into the fontface. ieieieie! and until i learn how to do fancy things with web sites, arial will have to be body copy. (is that somehow illegal?)

now about those 100$ bills . . .

speaking of 100 dollars, i re-fixed my music player. again. manchester orchestra can now be enjoyed. including their song '100 dollars' as well as 'jimmy, he whispers.' thank you for your patience. over and out.

photo credits: pink helvetica wallpaper designed by antonio carusone, book wallpaper from i love typography and you can buy that mug here.