26 March 2011

happiness . . . is *another* warm puppy.

i work next door to a starbucks. no, *literally* next door to a starbucks. read: pocketbook danger. but going to the coffee siren one morning before work brought something even better than a tall pike's place with half-n-half . . . dobe ("dough-bee") our second pup. a woman who works at the caffeine giant brought the last of her half-pit-half-lab's litter to show her coworkers outside her work. and i can never pass the opportunity to pet a puppy. especially a chocolate lab. (technically she's 3/4 lab and 1/4 pit, her poppa was a purebred.) so when i found out the little chocolate angel was a she, was available for sale AND had mild mannered parents, i nearly flipped. like, flipped OUT. i called ben 10 minutes later. "go for it," the best-husband-in-the-world-ever-ever-ever said. yesssssssss! i may have jumped up and down and squealed. what?

and so, we are now a two-dog household. (as opposed to a three dog night.) i am happy. so happy. *sigh.* i love having two dogs. never thought i would have twins. (hey, the little prophet never predicted a second puppy.) but i love it. LOVE IT.

coco now has a playmate. and a sister in crime. AWE-SOME. now we just have to explain, yes, the caramel colored dog is named coco, and yes, the chocolate colored dog is named dobe. funny.

also, i now have a dog that sleeps on my feet. not at my feet, ON them. though coco is fall over beautiful and will always be special because of how god gave her to me (yes god gave her to me), she never slept on my feet. OH, HOW I LOVE THIS.

alright, so i've become the crazy dog lady. deal with it.

but seriously, we're stopping at two. seriously.

yes, she sleeps with hello kitty. 'course!
chiaroscuro puppy! she posed herself in the light. i looked down and BAM it was carravaggio's 'calling of st matthew.'
sewing a soon-to-be-revealed project.