17 April 2011

the hanging of the palms.

last year, i saved the fronds from palm sunday. hung them in our crucifix in our old home. which you can see here. it was sort of a continuation of a tradition i remember my parents doing. except theirs was a frond woven into a cross. and my mom or my dad tucked it behind the crucifix leading into our home. and there it hung. and dried. for as long as i can remember.

last year we were still living in iowa. but last palm sunday we happened to be visiting here. new mexico. and after the service, we were handed fronds. i tucked them carefully into our suitcase. saving them. we didn't know if we would move. but i knew i wanted fronds. neither of our churches in iowa handed them out. and i think it's a lovely image. helps you to remember.

so this sunday, here we are. in new mexico. at that same church. who knew. once again, we were handed fronds. once again, i carefully saved them. once again, i tucked them into our crucifix. i took down the old, and hung the new. to remind me of he who is making all things new.

hosanna. 'save now.'